DING DONG DITCH is presently budgeted at 937,500, scheduled for a 20-day shoot in and around Los Angeles, and to be filmed under the terms of the SAG MODIFIED LOW BUDGET AGREEMENT with Diversity in Casting. To date, $35,000 of seed money has been secured. 

A portion of these funds has already been spent to:
•    Create a working 20-day schedule and a viable, professional and realistic budget
•    Develop and create an informational website for potential investors, financiers and distributors
•    Create a look-book that can be delivered as a hard copy or online.
•    Edit a ‘sizzle’ of youtube clips as an indicator of the world we are referencing: teenage boys iPhone shooting their ding-dong-ditch escapades.

The remainder of this money is allotted to:
•    Hire a high-profile casting director to secure 1-2 pieces of meaningful casting.
•    Research, develop and create a financial proposal, with supporting statistics of comparable movies.
•    Bring on a partner producer to oversee and guide the securing of funds.

Conceived as a low budget dark comedy/thriller mash up budgeted at under a million dollars, DING DONG DITCH offers a strong concept, meaningful cast, and international appeal. According to current marketing statistics, this type of movie is considered one of the more desirable genres investors and distributors are presently looking to support, both domestically and internationally. Catherine Rampell of Economix writes that "statistics prove this type of movie still makes a higher proportion of its return globally, but remains reliant on a strong domestic box office." These stats do not include ancillary sales to online outlets, tv rights, and video game licensing, Video game licensing in particular offers a real and strong recoupment opportunity for DING DONG DITCH.

Approaching and procuring the support of film finance companies and distributors is the next phase in the creation of DING DONG DITCH, the movie. Plans include approaching both private equity investors and Video Gaming companies interested in cross-platforming, as well as making the project available to film financiers and production companies through the internet marketplace of slated.com. The creation of a comprehensive financial plan in conjunction with a producing partner is projected to be completed over the next few months, at which point the process of securing financing will begin.

Downloads (PDF)
Budget Document
Schedule Document