Particular to DING DONG DITCH is the huge opportunity for integration and cross platforming with the video gaming world. A key element of the movie is video gaming and the teenage boys who play them. The creation of a video game in conjunction with the production of the movie offers a real potential for financial upside.

The video game market is markedly outpacing the film business and it is our aim to find opportunity for integration with this market. We intend to approach video game development companies i.e. Electronic Arts in Vancouver, Ubisoft in Montreal, and Devolver in Texas, amongst several others. Of note is that director/producer Leslie Hope is a dual citizen of Canada and the US, and there is possibility for federal and provincial tax incentives north of the border.

Offering a unique opportunity for cross platform and distribution are video gaming companies looking for new growth opportunities that have recently added online distribution to their business model. A company such as Devolver, for example, could offer the opportunity to create an accompanying game for our movie, access to their built in audience of gamers—which is also our target audience—and even ancillary distribution. We strongly feel that video game companies in on the ground floor of financing will be where meaningful investment opportunities lie for DING DONG DITCH; and indeed, the cross over of these two models is particular to our movie. The strategy is to approach both equity investors and film finance companies with the most ‘sellable’ package. This strategy includes approaching video game companies looking to cross platform with our movie and audience in the development of a game and potential online distribution. Hiring a producing partner to further construct and navigate this with us, in conjunction with the production of DING DONG DITCH the movie, is an integral part of our plan.