The world of DING DONG DITCH is the outlying suburbs of Los Angeles, where the stucco houses sprawl forever over the arid desert landscape. A de-saturated palette of beige on beige, popping with the bright green of artificially watered lawns. And that unrelenting sunshine. Flaring the lens. Even the worst characters sometimes get a halo of light.

Night-time is stealing our way through SoCal suburbia. All on the down low. Fast and tight. Go-Pros strapped to the dash of a car or the front of a skateboard, hand held in the back of cars and golf carts, always on the move.

The pace and drive of DING DONG DITCH is on the page, driven by the music but made in the cut. Double and triple jump cutting, quick snap zooms in and out for the funny stuff and super wide for the vista of the LA sprawl.

Never stopping long enough to catch its breath, the movie is always ahead of the viewer reflecting the inevitable and out of control drive that the characters experience. The pace pumps up as the story ratchets from dark comedy to a break-neck thrill ride, accelerating all the way to the breathless inevitable finale.

In the teenage world of DING DONG DITCH even the biggest loser has an iPhone, making youtube stars out of idiots who’ve got nothing better to do than ding-dong-ditch and film it. Moments later it’s on the net and you’re an instafamous self-made celebrity - at least for a minute or two. But with millions of hits for the lamest of vid’s, kids have a level of tech savvy that makes shaky cam look dated and out of touch. DING DONG DITCH will be shot fast and hard but fresh and sophisticated with a level of constant visual stimulation.

Relentless. Riveting. Can’t. Not. Watch.