DING DONG DITCH is an original screenplay by Erin Donovan, to be directed by Leslie Hope, and presently budgeted at 937,500 under the SAG MODIFIED LOW BUDGET with Diversity in Casting considerations.

A dark-comedy thriller, DING DONG DITCH has won several awards including: The Page Award for Comedy, Winner of Screenplay Festival, and was a finalist for CineStory and Slamdance.

DING DONG DITCH is in the initial stages of securing financing, with 35,000 of development money already in place.  To date, this money has been spent on creating a website for potential investors, formalizing a proposal package with financial plan, the creation of a 20-day shooting schedule and a viable working budget.  This fund is also intended to facilitate bringing on a producing partner to assist and guide in the procurement of investment opportunities for the film as well as finding a casting director to find and attach 1-2 meaningful pieces of casting,

The intention is that these elements will be key in attracting investors, distribution commitment and/or pre-sales.

Investment considerations include finding appropriate support through the internet marketplace e.g. slated.com, the attachment of a video gaming company and integration of a video game and/or securing private equity money.  Consideration is also made for distribution and possible pre-sales based on cast.

Outreach to potential investors and financing in conjunction with the initial stages of attaching meaningful cast is ongoing; commencement of pre-production is  projected for February 2016.